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When I read WHITE BUFFALO TEACHINGS, by Arvol Looking Horse, Chief and 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Pipe of the Lakota, Dakota & Nakota Great Sioux Nation, I contacted Wolakota,, for permission to reprint portions of his book relating to the Earth as living being. 


I determined, then, to add my voice to the seemingly, Voiceless.  Though only,

to those who cannot or chose not to hear.


I have—[and what I consider to have been a privilege]—met him when he visited and spoke in Ohio, in 2003—an evening sponsored by The Miami Valley Council for Native Americans.


He is a quiet man, who gives considerable thought before he speaks and knows a great deal more than he immediately shares. The message he journeyed so far to deliver, That Which We Call Earth, is in desperate need of healing.


It is none but our own responsibility, to insure the health of that which sustains us.  Whether you believe Gia, Earth, Mother Earth—by whatever name—is in peril, it is a personal choice to be either proactive, or ignore the cries and continue to perpetrate such ill-health.

“We are each other’s harvest…we are each other’s magnitude and bond.”
~ Gwendolyn Brooks

To whose benefit is it to ignore the warnings, silence those who try to warn, or flat out deny the reality of Global Warming?  When scientists come forward and claim they have been silenced, to what extent do we continue living in denial.  This is not an Urban Myth.


In consideration of those who argue, ‘the world has been through long-running heat waves and draughts, and it’s still here.’  That is true.  Earth may well out live us— but will we outlive the damage we do?  Those hundreds and/or thousands of years ago, Earth didn't have the human population it does now.  Earth did not content with the man-made polutants on the scale it suffers today.  And what about those who come after us?  What are we planting for the harvest of generations to come? 

“In a Prophecy, we were told we would be the key people to re-educate our relatives, teaching the medicines of balance and harmony that our Mother Earth needs to survive.

“Mother Earth is not a resource, but the very Source of Life itself.

“We ourselves stand at the very Crossroads of understanding the positive and negative influences that affect all Life yet to come.  We ourselves—you and me and all of us—must make the right decision on behalf of the Seventh Generation.”

 ~Arvol Looking Horse, White Buffalo Teachings, Wolakota

I firmly believe we were meant to be the caretakers of That So Wondrously Created.  It seems, though, there are fewer who take the time to care.  But what is the difference between those who could care less and those who will let others take care of things for them?  We are all so caught up in that which we feel we need to survive, that we forget our responsibility goes beyond the care of our own weed-free back yards.


Have we listened to too many interpretations of ‘how it’s supposed to be’ that we’ve become confused and/or mislead?   Are we so absorbed in that which has been developed to deter us from the real path, that we’ve become stale and unknowing?  Our senses are dulled, conditioned and/or desensitized beyond the recognition of Truth.


It is said that ‘you cannot love another [or others] until you love yourself.’   How can we expect to help in the healing of such great thing, until we heal what is ill, incomplete and/or missing with or in ourselves?  We are more rampant with disease and aliments than our modern, technological society should allow.  How do we heal that which is greater than ourselves, when our own health is in such question?

"There comes, with each new year, the associated expectations of better results or rewards.  These are usually the expectations put upon us by others; by society or that by which we have been conditioned.  It is time to break the molds that bind us and be who we are or want to be."

~L.L. Abbott, Pearls of Wisdom, Aged Pearls 2003

I believe that global warming is a reality and we’ve have abused our Earth far too long by the continued rape of minerals and ores with less than true regard to the process—  or the inhabitants that survive in the midst of such decimated places.  But, the jobs provide financial security, or at least until man-made disasters strikes. 


Ages-old ice is melting in the great winter countries, while the earth quakes and fished-out oceans swell.  Too much rain falls in one area, while unending-draught is known in others.  Some land is overcast by so much cloud formation that the warmth of the Sun can not penetrate; while others know a greater absence.               ~See: Baffled Scientists Say Less Sunlight Reaching Earth

“Long ago, … the Elders spoke of the danger in the construction of dams stopping the natural flow of rivers, which we understand as Mother Earth’s arteries.  The clogging of this natural flow would now affect our own bodies, such as we have witnessed in heart problems.  Our mind, body and spirit would now have problems in growth affecting our own natural ‘Way of Life.’”

 ~Arvol Looking Horse, White Buffalo Teaching, Wolakota

We’re so entrenched in the daily activities of: the economic workforce; house payments; enormous personal debt; paying or dodging taxes; trying to understand the children we bore; paying or avoiding child support; harried soccer moms and dads, surviving cancers and/or birth defects; trying to decide who is the lesser of two evils when it is time to cast our ever-precious vote; wading through all sides of biased information of why we’re in one conflict or another—  that we ignore or simply forget about the very earth upon which we live, until it floods, gusts, or trembles under our feet.  And still—we do not truly listen or face what it ‘may’ be trying to tell us.  Because we’ve been told for so many years, by trusted “officials” that there is no such thing as Global Warming. 


With all that said, with all we do, where is there time left to mount a rescue of that which sustains us?  That’s for other people to take care of, right?  Who are those people?’ 


We see far too often-those who we've elected and/or trusted-where their agendas take them in too many other directions.  And, though some may feign interest in order to 'get your support,' there are those who struggle to help in what ways they can. 


What I do believe is that we must look to ourselves and each other to make true change.

“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.” ~Mother Teresa

We take from this world, more than can be replenished and though Earth may well ultimately survive us, [But taking how many decades to correct and heal on its own?] we and the generations to come are in danger of the ills we have and continue to inflict.  And I know the feeling of how the land we walk must have changed over the many years we mindlessly fostered such decay. 

how this must pale

to the beauty once know

prior to its conquest

by man 

  ~L.L. Abbott, 1995, EarthVerse, EarthSong Photography

Change or a Global Healing can and will not occur until we understand the sacredness of that which we take so for granted.  The dictionary defines sacred as: HOLY.  Worthy of veneration; entitled to reverence and respect; consecrated, hallowed and revered. 

"A Hopi Elder said that he is dying and with him will die the old ways.  But he doesn't care because the old ways don't work anymore.  I believe that the old ways cannot die--because it is in the old ways that the truth will be found." 

~L.L. Abbott, Pearls of Wisdom, Aged Pearls 2003

The Black Hill, South Dakota

It is believed that the Black Hills,  the Heart of Everything That Is, is exactly that—a living Being.  Is that so hard to comprehend?  The range [as seen from space/NASA] is heart-shaped.  How do we as Human Beings, justify the continuing rape of the resources of such a sacred place?                                                           ~See

The Dine’h People understand Big Mountain [Black Mesa, Arizona,], as Mother Earth’s liver, which purifies the waters, the air we breathe and the land upon which we so precariously, at times, live.

“If the liver dies, the body dies.”

 ~Arvol Looking Horse, White Buffalo Teaching, Wolakota

Aborigine in Australia, believe the Great Coral Reefs are the earth’s “blood cleaner.”  We have known, for many years now that the coral reefs are in great danger of dying due to polution.

The Inupiat People of Greenland, "have a Prophecy that when the once rock hard glaciers grow so soft that you can leave a handprint on them, this would be a sure sign Mother Earth is in deep turmoil"

~Arvol Looking Horse, White Buffalo Teachings, Wolakota

It’s already been written that Polar Bears are dying because they are losing precious landmass. 

~See: Sinking Polar Bears

They ask, “When will the world wake up to Mother Earth’s cries of pain? When? When finally (our) cities and countries are under water?”

~Arvol Looking Horse, White Buffalo Teachings, Wolakota

One key issue brought up in New Orleans, during the Katrina flooding, was how the city lost so much of its wetlands, over the last decade, due to urban sprawl.  


We must stop paving over a marsh because it may not seem the most attractive parcel of real estate.  Wetlands serve a purpose and That Which Sustains Us is in dire need of our help.

EarthSong Photography, 2006

Deforestation - Rondonia, Brazil

The Indigenous of the Rain Forests of the vast Amazon, know the lungs of Mother Earth suffer.  We’ve been hearing about the ruthless depletion of these forests for years now; and still it continues.  ~See: EARTH FROM SPACE


AND, see the recent allegations by: Greenpeace: McDonald's fuels illegal deforestation

There are Peoples whom consider the Ozone Layer, “Mother Earth’s aura, her Spiritual embodiment.” There are those who claim to see peoples’ auras and know the state of our emotional, physical, and spiritual health better than we know ourselves.  If all were to see the known trouble with the Ozone Layer as the Earth’s aura might we be quicker to consider a proper cure?

“Yes, this is the time foretold in the Prophecies.  It’s sad that we had to wait for the scientific findings to confirm that what was passed down is so.  What more do we need to awaken us?

~Arvol Looking Horse, White Buffalo Teachings, Wolakota

Is greed and the balance of power that important to those in control it?  Can we truly look to or trust elected officials to work in our best interests. I’m offering this platform and hope you will take advantage of this page to respectfully voice your opinions, concerns and/or possible solutions.


What will you let the generations to come, inherit?  What will you do to promote a Global Healing? 


My words here, are my actions.  What are yours?


by L. L. Abbott, 2006 Pearls of Wisdom & EarthVerse,

All Rights Reserved


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