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The Forbidden World Chronicles


A brief introduction to the 
Chronicled History


The Forbidden World

Due to horrendous acts perpetrated by certain of the Ancients, The First Ones, The Gathering was convened and The Correcting ordered.  Across the world the Star Traders deemed Forbidden, there were Awakenings; restorations of eradicated memories; and the tellings of imprisonment upon a world lost in displaced fragments of Time.


Welcome to the story of my imprisonment.  I am the Firstborn daughter of the Primal Elements—The First Ones, The Ancients.


In the entirety of all that is there are but two Firstborns.  I am the second of those given life.  Born neither out of love nor by chance,  my brother and I were used to control the chaos the Ancients wrought upon themselves and that which they created.


My captivity comes by way of a bargain struck; because of one Element's jealousy and another's lust.  Though my brother lives here as well, he came to this world by his choosing.  I was stolen away and hidden within a displaced fragment of Time.


This is not the first telling of our story.  That we live this tragedy yet again, is exactly why we know the history of your future.


~Dellasseea N'Syis,

The Awakening Years/Third Era/Third Displacement of Time


is the telling of the FirstBorn Daughter of the Primal Elements of the Universe,
and her imprisonment in a displaced fragment of Time.  
Imprisoned upon a world she created.
A prison meant to accommodate the most dangerous of The Ancients, 
from the rest of the All That Is.
It is a story of a bargain made,
the seduction that sealed it
and the event... 
[because she would not be compromised]
that propelled her into anonymity from all who knew and loved her. 
An interruption of the natural flow of Eternity.  
A fact unknown to the masses that inhabit
what the ancient Star Traders deemed
The Forbidden World.
To those who know this truth,
the Future can be predicted. 
It is simply a matter of knowing it already happened. 
To any searching for it
--as those recently Awakened--
it must be accepted that 
it may well be
where one might not think it to be found...
A future hidden in the Past
of a long forgotten Present.

~L.L. Abbott, Author and WebMistress of these Chronicles





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