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The Forbidden World Chronicles

Book One - The Preface

Caged Heart ~ The Last Heartbound

The Preface




To the many that will turn through the following pages, it will seem these words are the first time read. They were, in actual fact, translated and archived long ago in the Libraries of Eternity. The language of our deeds is stored safely away in the great Catacombs of Delsyis, but the original hand and type-written texts, notes, journal entries, discs, and bound publications of the First Displacement of Time still exist on this world. As do those which were rewritten and republished during the Second Displacement. 


Secreted away they remain unaffected and lie in wait to stand as testament of the current recounting; to the very words before you now. It is here that you will find, once again, the true history—unbiased and accurately detailed—of all that has ever been. And limited though it will seem, this is merely the first part of an extensive Tell; a story now three times told that affects you all.


I am neither the reason nor the need for the terra-formation of this wretched world, but I am one of the two voices that will expose why the FirstBorn Daughter of the Primal Elements of the Universe lives imprisoned among you. And though I cannot truly call myself the author, I know the full extent of her (their) story better than she; as I am one of the perpetrators of her ignorance and sorrow.


It is by the grace of The Old One alone, that The Gathering was convened and certain of us charged with correcting the great wrongs done. Charged with helping Those Come to this World in order to find and take back That Which Was Taken from Them. Charged with the restorations of that which was either voluntarily or forcibly stripped away during their transmutation in to this world’s past. I was charged directly with the Awakening of the one I bargained away into this world and one I helped capture during his futile infiltration.


Though I am the voice throughout the most of this Tell, it is not by my hand that these words are or were ever written. And were it not for The Old One, The FirstBorn Daughter would never have written them, much less been let to. We would never have allowed it. Her isolation and our control had been that strong. Her consciousness, that which makes any one being who and what they are, had been stripped away upon becoming vanished deep in your world’s past.


As with this publication, so it was with the text of the previous timelines, all is restored as it needs be known; leaving much still largely unremembered by those who need see it duplicated. Though your Future is known, it was believed it best to be kept protected for as long as was viable.


Once this world’s unheard of prisoner accepted her Truth and recognized her duty to tell her brother’s story, she began the tedious process of chronicling their recurrent plight. The visions, moments Within, the re-bonding of hearts, their apprehensions, tears, and above all— pain. That which she did not understand and/or what she had yet to have evoked, I gave her to know. I gave back her memory of who she was/is; piece by puzzled piece.  Answering her questions, charging her with strength, I consoled also her grief.


Only after she concluded the first drafting of text did I make known to her my absolute loathing. It made my break from her complete.


I am The Primal Element of the Heart; one of the Ancient Ones, a First One.  I have done what was bid of me—out of fear only of the more ultimate of reprisals. And even as of this writing, there are few who know what that consequence be.


I leave you to choose whether you will or will not believe these extraordinary words. For I care not truly one way or the other what you believe.


Annessau, Primal Element of the Heart,

As given to know during the Third Interruption of Eternity and Displacement of Time

The Third Era of the Third Recurring Rearrangement, the Alone Years

The Third Recounting of [an unnatural] History of The Forbidden World


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