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Pearls of the Earth
Pearls of Turtle Island
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a gift of memory

a long-haired woman stands with eyes cast down upon the prairie

as the breath of Creator dances about and through her hair

a dark-haired boy stands in front within a mother’s embracing hands

his eyes cast also upon the swaying grasses

a great and aged drum bearing a golden star shadowed

by one much the smaller in size appears in Father Sky

Hawk circles upon the lofty currents

and gifts a feather upon his departure

falling into the sea it washes upon a quiet shore

awaiting retrieval by its intended keeper

Bear treads upon the same sands and with one strong pass of its clawed hand

uncovers a starfish aside the eggs of a long-departed Island mother

four Elders stand upon the rock overlooking the shore

with arms held of long needful things

as a weary traveler ascends to receive them

there is great love felt for the White-Haired one

bearing an arrow and sometimes a lance

the second holds a buffalo robe draped across his arms

the third a tall basket of multi-colored corn

the fourth a shield awaiting its story and paint

All offer an overwhelming sense of home

to a Daughter of the many forced paths 

she kneels and cries the tears of what seems an entire world's people

as the White-Haired one envelopes her in the buffalo’s robe
~A Grandmother's Gift, 2001

Golden Sky Above


a journey to know one's heart

It is Hawk that screams its presence to a shadowed world
but it's Eagle that takes flight upon the Creator's breath
urged to follow the beating of its heart and wing
a two-legged is absorbed into the great sky predetor
gliding upon the winds of a wintered country
their wings tap ... tap ... tap into the dusty snow topping a mountain's range
soaring down into a summer-warmed valley
Eagle takes a fish from its watery keep
and flies to deposit the feast into a nest of young
overlooking the activity of bearkind and buffalo
running many and free
floating over the grassy plains there stands a young grass dancer tall and proud
who lets loose a cry of recognition to his winged brother
in two-legged form a daughter takes food with The People
and drinks water from an offered gourd
soon again Eagle casts their eyes toward the setting of a golden sun
wingstrokes journey across the glistening water
dip ... dip ... dipping into a crystal pathway
currents take them upward to the Northern-most boundary
coming full circle with wings tapping the dusty snow topping a mountain's range
inside an ancient chamber of ice
the daughter is welcomed by its master
and through long, chilled halls
a room blanketed with buffalo robes is found
there to lay and find a safe and peaceful sleep.
~A Grandmother's Gift, 2001

Golden Sky Above


as long as the rivers flow 

The white-haird one stands waiting

and with Buffalo's robe

he envelopes his daughter

While gifting her with a vision of the people

journeying across the plains

Buffalo and his clan run

swiftly to the right

Horse and his clan

Run to their left

As long as the rivers flow

as long as the rivers flow

With the sound of water rushing

comes the sound of children's laughter

for as long as the rivers flow

for as long as the rivers flow

once again in her father's keeping

the daughter sheds the robe of comfort and safety

to walk aside the people

to endure the struuggle and fight for freedom 

The old one leaves her to her choice

for there is no easy way home

~A father's gift to a daughter-in-law of long ago, 2001

Wind Walker


laid upon the ground

Buffalo's run is hard across the plain
hind muscles ripple with each outstretched step
his breath becomes another's breath
a joining of two separate worlds
a two-legged and four
its release is hard and labored by the run
as dust of the plains rolls and billows in their wake
the run is long but stops atop a hill
overlooking the people's encampment
Hawk circles and swoops and flies on away
Horse runs with his own
as long and as hard
a woman-rider sits atop a dark horse's back
water splashes up as they gallop through the creek's winding bed
the run ends within sight of the mouth of the ocean
but they turn and climb a steep, rocky embankment
higher to meet the Old One waiting
with a Buffalo's robe draped across both arms
as once again a two-legged
the offered gift is received
and upon Horse's back it is carried unto the people
walking into the camp it is laid upon the ground
a pool of water appears within the long dark fur
and there is joy among the children before them
as a grandmother returns a traveler back to one of two worlds
there is as much yet to give as there is much yet to come
~A Grandmother's Gift, 2001

Golden Sky Above


it is a good day 

Horse’s herd is strong and many

they whinny and snort and eat of the prairie grasses

it is a good day

A Mare nuzzles her Colt

and a Two-legged walks among them, as if one

a friend to their kind

At the edge the White-Haired One waits

His offered hand is taken

and they walk upward and into the Mother’s mouth

Inside, where he makes his home

a pipe is offered and smoked

the Daughter places the pipe down and in front as instructed

Hawk and Eagle

-unconnected, talons out-

spiral upward

Eagle flies on to her nest of young

One fledgling waits while its sibling

pecks at its shell for freedom and birth

Eagle’s mate returns

and she takes flight to a field of daylilies and sunflowers

there to stay and merely partake

In the joy of the moment.

~A Grandmother's Gift, 2001

Golden Sky Above


shadows of those about to leave 

Upon entering the Darkness in prayer

it is asked, “What do you bring with you?”

“I bring forgiveness.” Is the Daughter’s response

There is greeting by the Four Elders

Standing atop a rocky crag

the White-Haired One motions attention to the fourth

holding a shield awaiting its paint

to the third, a tall basket of corn

to the second holding Buffalo’s Robe

They turn and enter the Mother’s mouth

and the red/golden glow of the Great Cavern

The Council fire is circled by The Elders

and the warmth of coming home

Water is offered and drank from the gourd

They motion attention to the distant wall behind them

where seemingly is painted handprint, upon handprint

Handprint, after handprint ... after handprint

lines the wall—handprint after handprint.throughout the ages.,

Little ones, big ones, young ones and old

Man, Woman, all made by those returning to the Creator

Looking down the passageway the painted hands

stretch and disappear into the darkness

Upon invitation to proceed there comes Light through a earthen doorway

an overwhelming sight is offered

As a first look down upon creation

A beautiful, lush valley sits surrounded by mountains

Young and still brown, Eagle approaches to greet

landing on the ledge, he takes a feather from his wing

and gifts it to the Daughter nuzzles his head within her offered embrace

Eagle follows her down to where a stream is met

running cool and well with fish

Walking on through the valley floor

shadows of those about to leave new prints, pass by

Voices of children and their laughter in the Now, fill the air

Upon taking their hands a Daughter’s journey ends

to find waiting gifts of the Buffalo’s Robe and basket of corn

the shield and the beloved's arrow and sometimes a lance.

~upon entering the darkness of the Void







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