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This is not the final draft; there is more to come!


Once again, I was not sure where to begin this season’s commentary; then I watched, NOVA’s ~ Dimming the Sun.  Though not new, Global Dimming is yet another fact that was dismissed for too long.  Now, with the newer and seemingly added revelation of Global Dimming, how much more overwhelming can this subject matter get?  Global Change isn’t the usual topic of discussion as the grills are uncovered, wheeled out, scraped down and christened for yet another summer of family/neighborhood bar-b-us, 


See: NOVA ~ Dimming the Sun


Though it can seem a little confusing, when you take some time to listen and learn more about it, it all boils down to us.  It’s not a matter of our Sun diminishing; it’s simply the clear end-effect of the Greenhouse Affect and Global Warming.  And, the unfortunate paradox of Global Dimming is--- if we were to successfully decrease and/or completely eliminate all smog and pollution [that directly affects our health,] and still NOT address the greenhouse gases, we will end up speeding up the global warming by several degrees.  So, it’s not just the Greenhouse Effect or even Global Warming that we need address—it’s now the paradox of the Dimming of the Sun. 


It’s not just a matter of the fact that the earth IS heating up, it’s also a matter of it could be worse, because the unnatural cloud formations [Even I have noticed there are times when the clouds ‘look different!’] are reflecting the heat of the sun back upward, meaning the warming could/would be much worse.


It’s all too much out of our control?  The leading scientists say, ‘it’s not.’  Not yet anyway.  We can no longer wait to see.  We may not have but ten more years before it becomes the Point of No Return. 


What can we do?  None of us can sit by any longer and idly do nothing.  We each have a responsibility to do something: whether it is forking out the money for a more fuel efficient/alternative resource car [Okay, I can’t afford a new ‘regular’ car!  I live from paycheck to paycheck; So, I can’t work that one out.], or risk the ones we already own and hook up with the nearest engine converter/pioneer and fuel up at the local restaurant.  


Ted Kennedy stated recently, he was surprised that the President hadn’t taken the opportunity to address the huge increase in gas prices, huge corporate profits, and possible price gouging.


See: Meet the Press, 4-23-06 Transcript


Days later, in the press, now the White House is looking to do something—what that one-time, $100 rebate thing?  And once again, those They people are talking about exploring the reserves in ANWR ~ Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  Still, they are NOT LISTENING.  Leave the untapped oil fields alone— move on, toward the research for the alternative solutions.  Maybe the unprecedented quarterly oil profits could help provide the funding. 


"Global warming, together with the cutting and burning of the forests and the destruction of other critical habitats, is causing the loss of living species at a rate comparable to that of the extinction of the dinosaurs ... . Most scientists theorize that that event, by the way, was caused by a giant asteroid colliding with the Earth.  This time it is not an asteroid wreaking havoc; it is us."

~Al Gore, The Moment of Truth, Vanity Fair, The Green Issue, May 2006


It’s not just auto emissions, though, that need attention; it’s the vapor trails from jet planes and airliners that daily crisscross the sky and country and the world, helping to create the dirty, manmade cloud formations that further pollute and dim the sun’s heat.  How will the airline industry address alternative sources of energy?


For some reason, this administration does not want to take the super-power initiative and address the crisis of global warming. 

See US under fire as climate talks near end


Only very recent did it suggest an interest in studying/looking for alternative forms of fuel.  They already know how to make tires that will last forever—but “they” wouldn’t let that happen.  How would that affect the industry—how many jobs would be at stake if you only ever had to buy one set of tires for your car?  Better to save the current industry and let the mountain of old tires continue to pile up.  At least they have found a few ways to recycle them: roofing tiles; etc.



Things to do:


Check out: Vanity’s: Fifty Ways to Help Save the Planet

Also, Look for the Green Box on this page. Vanity’s: Daily Dose


We could start supporting organic farms and buying more organically grown produce.  Properly farmed organics HAS to be better for our overall health.  But, pricing tends to keep bargain-shoppers at bay.  BUT, there is that old “supply and demand”--- the more you buy, the sooner pricing can come down.


There could be some work with industry to cut down on packaging or promote all biodegradable/recyclable packaging.  The cosmetic industry alone, double and tipple packages much of what we find on the shelves or in fine department stores.   That’s all the more trash that we throw into a heap or dump into the ocean, or try to recycle. 


How much more careful would we be if instead of rolling the trash container(s) to the curb once a week for pickup, we had to grab a shovel and bury it ourselves, somewhere in our own back yards.  Would we start to think twice about what it is that we throw away?


Earlier this year it was reported that we’re all walking around with Teflon in our blood.  Any amount of anything foreign to our bodies should NOT BE CONSIDERED ACCEPTABLE.  Teflon in our bloodstream is NOT NATURAL!  And we have to stand up and say it’s not!

See: Red Flag over Teflon/CBSNews


See: Teflon’s sticky situation


“Chemicals used in Teflon and Scotchguard are showing up in the bloodstream of humans throughout the world, with higher levels in the United States and other highly developed nations, according to a 2004 study.” ~Teflon Medical Information


There should be the reduction of Teflon products that we support, whether by: cutting down on fast-food packaging or throwing out the old and/or new Teflon pots and pans we ALL have somewhere in our modern kitchens.  You know you’ve got a pot or a skillet that looks like you shouldn’t be using it any longer.  But, where would all that old Teflon go?  Is it recyclable?  


Who are those ‘they’ people whom determine what the “safe levels” of any foreign element and/or substance found in our bodies, lungs, etc is “safe.”    Timesaving conveniences have taken us in an unhealthy direction.  Many are even unwilling to admit or accept it.  We take much too much for granted and place trust in much far too often as well.  We don’t take time or action to question new and improved products, etc.   When are we going to say, “Stop!” and question “acceptable levels?”


So, do we go back to growing our own foods?  Not everyone can do that; much less know how.  But, what will it take to slow people down to, at very least, reevaluate priorities?  How much ill-health does it take before more take responsibility for it themselves?  


Unfortunately, I believe there is a degree of something that is taking us backward in a sense.   Yes, scientific accounts, we’re taller and we live longer than our ancestors or forefathers.  We are healthier and wiser by many standards.  But, there are far too many man-made aliments these days.   And far too much research to find, “the cure” than there seems in finding and eliminating the reasons and/or cause! 


We yearn at times for the simpler days.  Yes well, again, our forefathers did not live as long, those simpler days were also somewhat harsh.  And we don’t all have the means to store and feed a horse [for travel] these days.   We are the makers and/or sustainers of the Industrial Age.  We need also become the Redeemers


Spring is the season of renewal, rebirth.  How will you spend this season?  Our children’s children will live to know a much different world than we knew, growing up.  What can we do this spring, to start to make a difference


by L. L. Abbott, 2006 Pearls of Wisdom & EarthVerse,

All Rights Reserved


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