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Pearls of Wisdom's
1st Annual
Drive for School Supplies


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I spent a number of years collecting school supplies for a local organization via a corporate sponsored drive.  I can no longer physically collect, pack up, and load dozens of heavy boxes into my little car at any given time.  I am simply unable to do so.  But— What I can do is provide a group or individuals with enough information to choose how they can offer support to First Nation Reservation schools for the 2008 school year.

There are a number contacts/names, phone numbers, and addresses for Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Reservation schools in North and South Dakota, along with the Rosebud and Pine Ridge schools further south.  There’s also a dormitory and youth project that would benefit greatly by whatever assistance you are willing to make available. 

Charitable organizations have not faired well the last couple of years.  Even the most notable charities are suffering.  What with the economy the way it is—we’re either in a recession or we aren’t—call it what you may, we’re all victims of the soaring cost of living, job cut-backs, natural disasters, and quarterly reminders of big oil raking in HUGE profits.  And all with no clear end in sight.  

A recent evening news spot showed how a few families in the Ohio Valley are cutting back on school supplies for the coming year.  Mother’s and fathers are telling their children they need to use the 'same box of crayons' or 'glue sticks from last year,' and not to worry about those who have everything new.  They’re not purchasing everything that’s on "The List."  [see also: Rising prices beat down consumer spending in June] And this is from families who are used to living with theirs heads just above water.  Not rich— but getting by.

They are also the same kind of people I worked with for many years; who dropped off bag, after bag, after bag of supplies for children they would never know.  Their educations are on the line as well; those whose needs are as important now than ever before. 

I have no idea of the outcome of this effort.  But I could do nothing less than try.  I click to feed, provide books, mammograms, care, and protect habitat every day.  And have done so for many years.  It is in this spirit that I thought, 'why not utilize something similar with my website?' 

It’s not like I haven’t been working to have this up and running well before now.  But just today I remembered all things happen in due time.  Had this come any sooner, you may not have recognized it for what it means.  Besides, the need is greater now.  Of that I have no doubt.

* Feel free to question or make suggestions.  I am open to making this as easy and accessible to everyone’s needs and abilities to help.

Among the options [many of you already received the letter from Guy Jones], if you prefer to take advantage of the numerous Back-to-School Specials, you can drop off supplies at: SunWatch Indian Village & Archaeological Park, no later than August 28th, as The Miami Valley Council for Native Americans (TMVCNA) leaves for the Dakotas August 30th.

And may the Creator watch over their passage;
seeing them safely to and from their destinations.
May Creator see them safe from harm and incident,
and may their giveaways be plentiful and far-reaching. 

For now, Thank you for visiting my site.  Thank you for taking a few moments to see what this is all about.  And may you gift an unsuspecting child (or children) with your ever-precious kindness. 


I'm excited to see what happens!  I hope you are as well.


Come what may, Mitakuye Oyasin!  We Are All Related!

As in the end, we are all in this together.


Many Blessings, L.L. Abbott


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